Proud Of Honour to Viet Nam QuaLity


World Quality Commitment (WQC) take place from 20-21 June 2009 at 2009 at the hotel Concorde La Fayette, Paris, France. This is one of annual programs that taken by Business Initiative Directions (BID). Companies are evaluated and selected from 74 countries and area will attend this conference to be honored and receive awards star quality international

Notable awards are selected on the review criteria of model quality QC 1000, be achieved and implemented in over 100 countries worldwide. Prestigious awards that corporations with more than 26 top media companies have committed to fund information for the 23 th conference.

Leaders would be presented about their company with their international audience and attend conferences with quality professionals in many different fields, as well as master and the representatives from the diplomatic corps, to study the quality of companies in the search for quality achievements and excellence of them.

‚ÄčIn this 23 th conference, B.I.D. has awarded the WQC International Star Award in the Gold category to Tai Nguyen Seafood on the basis of Success in Omega 3 enriched Pangasius Fisn Projec and implement in High value added seafood beside the criteria of the principles of the QC100 TQM.

Ms. Phan Thi Tuyet Mai- General Director said: "What is a surprise and happy when our company received this award, has more than year, we strive for mastery Omega 3 enriched Pangasius Fish and developed convenience food line. So excellent quality of Omega 3 rich ca brought success for Tai Nguyen Seafood and internationally to receive the premium award until today. There is much more difficult and fiercely competitive on the international market for Vietnam Pangasius Fish, but Vietnam Pangasius commodity in international eyes consumers will be sure to change when a quality built by menthodical and pioneer of innovation.

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