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Many, many recipes use anchovies for a punch of flavor where the anchovies are neither recognizable visually nor by the taste buds. Anchovies are often that secret ingredient that you just can't put your finger on.

Calamari / Squid
As ugly as it may be to gaze upon, squid (calamari) brings a delightful touch of the ocean to your dishes at an affordable price. Find out why gourmet chefs are using squid ink in famous dishes and how to harvest your own.

Caviar Dreams
Caviar does indeed invoke dreams of the rich and famous, but a little of this rich delicacy goes a long way when used as the right touch. Its expensive connotation adds a touch of elegance and luxury to any celebration as you'll find from the many recipes.

Clams can be as versatile as its brethren shellfish, if you dare to venture beyond the basics. If you dig your own, you need to know about paralytic shellfish poisoning. From geoducks to steamers, you'll love these recipes.

Take a look at crabs and learn to distinguish females from males, a Dungeness from a blue, and why some of those shells are soft, plus recipes.

Lobster was once so plentiful it was used as bait. It's a bit more costly today but easy to stretch if need be. Find out how to prepare delectable lobster dishes at home.

Oysters : Pearls of the Ocean
Whether you revel in the simplicity of the raw oyster on the half-shell or enjoy them cooked, you'll find many different recipes to suit your needs. Yet some may not be able to eat them due to health conditions.

Peekytoe Crabs
Some creativing marketing with a new name now has this former by-product much in demand by chefs. Find out the interesting story of how this variety came to be named.

Pretty in pink, rich in flavor and reasonably-priced, let salmon dress up your table.

So rich, sweet and tender that a little goes a long way. Learn how to spot a true scallop, its history, and try some new recipes.

Shrimp-ly Delicious
America's favorite seafood; learn how to choose shrimp, pick up some cooking tips and try some new recipes.

Tuna is by far America's favorite fish thanks to canneries, but a surprisingly large number of people have never tried fresh tuna. Prized for sushi, fresh tuna looks and grills like a steak. Recipes included for both canned and fresh tuna.

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